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Sea Turtle Hatchlings on South Padre Island in Texas

The Turtle Lady House has been Sold!


             The Turtle Lady Legacy would like to wish the
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Ila Loetscher Cold Front Rescue   


Ila Loetscher gave a voice to the plight of an entire species and through her efforts to help them to survive, she not only became one of their greatest advocates but she also generated awareness about their threat of extinction on both a national and global scale through a truly unique public relations campaign which people still remember to this day.

Along the way, Ila became the foster mother to any sick or injured sea turtle that found its way to her and it was this hands-on care which made her an expert on sea turtle behavior like no other.

In her day, Ila's invaluable work on behalf of an endangered species was recognized by such organizations as the Cousteau Society, National Geographic, the World Wildlife Federation, and Greenpeace, making her an acknowledged force in sea turtle conservation history.

The Turtle Lady
South Padre Island