Ila's Recognitions and Honors
Ila Loetscher receives an award in Texas for her work with sea turtles
Ila Loetscher is named Admiral of the Texas Navy by Governor Mark White
During her lifetime, and even afterward, Ila Loetscher was recognized for her many achievements as well as for the significant contributions which she made
in the field of sea turtle conservation. Each one of these recognitions was well deserved and although Ila never expected acknowledgement for her labor of
love in helping sea turtles, we are gratified that she was nonetheless honored
by many noteworthy organizations and respected individuals for all that she did.

Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

Honorable Admiral in the Texas Navy (1984)

Gulf Oil Conservation Award (1985)

Turtle Lady Park Dedication (1986)

National Wildlife Federation Award (1987)

Cousteau Society Acknowledgement (1984)

National Marine Fisheries Service Certificate of Appreciation (1984)

“Ila does a fantastic job
and treats turtles more
affectionately than some
people treat their children.
I don’t know anybody in
the world better at saving
injured sea turtles.”

            Dr. David Owens
            Texas A&M University

Television Appearances

The David Letterman Show

The Johnny Carson Show

Ripley's Believe Or Not!

Real People

Ila Loetscher and one of her many sea turtle children

"[Ila]...has probably been responsible for more people becoming aware of the plight of critically endangered Kemp's ridley sea turtles than anyone in the country. She has done more to promote the welfare of the turtle than a dozen marine biologists."

                      Pat Burchfield
                      Gladys Porter Zoo

    Posthumous Recognitions

    Re-dedication of Turtle Lady Park (2003)

    International Conservation Award (2004)

    Induction into Rio Grande Valley Walk of Fame (2005)

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