Jill Cram

From the earliest days of the Turtle Lady Legacy's beginnings, Jill Cram has believed wholeheartedly in our organization for which we'll always be grateful. Not only does she make our custom sea turtle decals but over the years she has also shared clever ideas and useful suggestions.

And, like Ila, Jill does her part to encourage children to live up to their potential, teaching them that they can make a difference for the better in the world. A long-time Girl Scout leader, Jill has fostered a sense of self-sufficiency and compassion for others among the many girls who have been members of her troops throughout the years.

So, for all that she has done, and continues to do, Jill is indeed a very good friend of the Turtle Lady Legacy.

Example of the Turtle Lady Legacy decal which MotoCutz makes for us
The custom Turtle Lady Legacy
decal by MotoCutz measures 5"x5"

Closeup of custom decal which MotoCutz makes for the Turtle Lady Legacy
Closeup of The Turtle Lady Legacy decal

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