Donna Shaver, PhD

As Chief, Division of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery of the Padre Island National Seashore for the National Park Service, Donna Shaver, PhD, is kept very busy with the demands of running a group on which rests so much responsibility.

Fortunately for the Kemp's ridley sea turtles, she is very good at what she does and devotes much attention to their welfare with an intensity that equals Ila's own personal crusade. As the foremost expert in the U.S. on Kemp's ridley sea turtles, we can think of no better authority in the field and cannot express enough how grateful we are for her ongoing encouragement and recognition of our organization.

Donna Shaver with Ila Loetscher in 1987 or 1988
Ila Loetscher and Donna Shaver

Donna Shaver with Mary Ann Tous
Mary Ann Tous with Donna Shaver, PhD

Not only during the annual Spring sea
turtle patrol training but whenever there
is a situation involving sea turtles on
South Padre Island, the Turtle Lady Legacy knows that it can count on Dr. Shaver and her team to do whatever is necessary, in conjunction with Sea Turtle Inc., to ensure the well-being of endangered sea turtles who share the beaches and oceans with us.

Donna Shaver and Cynthia Rubio with Patti Pitcock and Mary Ann Tous at 2009 Turtle Patrol Training
From left: Patti Pitcock, Donna Shaver, PhD, Cynthia Rubio, Mary Ann Tous

       "I think that Ila would be thrilled to see the progress that we have
         made in the Kemp's ridley work.

                                                                Donna Shaver, PhD
                                                                Chief, Division of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery                                                                 Padre Island National Seashore
                                                                National Park Service

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