Lucia Guillen Tudor

Lucy at beach patrol training spring of 2009

Lucy is truly a special friend of the Turtle Lady Legacy, not only for her ongoing collaboration with us but also because of her deep commitment to the welfare of sea turtles.

Lucy is a Biological Technician with the Division of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery of the Padre Island National Seashore for the National Park Service and has literally devoted herself heart and soul to sea turtle conservation along the Texas Gulf coast. In addition to hands-on care of the turtles themselves, she has also conducted educational presentations at Sea Turtle Inc. on South Padre Island for tourists and schoolchildren over the past several years.

Like Ila, Lucy is an untiring champion of the Kemp's ridley and has truly earned the respect of her peers in sea turtle conservation. She has also made the trek down to Rancho Nuevo in Mexico, following in Ila's footsteps, and takes every opportunity to expand her knowledge about sea turtle behavior so as to better help them.

Lucy and Mary Ann Tous in Rancho Nuevo Mexico in June of 2006
Lucy with Mary Ann Tous at the South Padre Island Beach Jetties Cleanup
                                        Lucy with Mary Ann Tous of The Turtle Lady Legacy

Lucy is also a gifted artist who uses her talents to further promote sea turtle awareness whenever possible.

During Sand Castle Days on South Padre Island in October of 2009, she and a crew of volunteers created a magnificent sculpture on the beach to capture, if only temporarily, the responsibility that humans bear in the ongoing survival of sea turtles.
Lucy with a crew of volunteers created a magnificent sand sculpute to celebrate the annual hatchling release
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