The Turtle Lady Legacy


South Padre Island Texas Beach




South Padre Island Art Trail Indigo
Artist:  Christina Salazar

Location:  Inside SPI Visitors Center
South Padre Island Art Trail Crush
Artist:  Chelsea Fedigan

Location:  SPI Community Center
South Padre Island Art Trail Liberty
Artist:  Christina Salazar

Location:  Beach Resort
South Padre Island Art Trail Rosie
Artist:  Cecilia Garza

Location: SPI Chamber of Commerce


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Sea Turtle Art Trail of South Padre Island
Sea Turtle Inc., local artists, and the City of South Padre Island have developed a novel approach to bring sustained awareness about the need to protect sea turtles while at the same time showcasing local artistic talent.  The Sea Turtle Art Trail project began in 2019 with a call for artists and since that time, several sea turtles have been installed throughout the city.  Ila Loetscher's tremendous efforts forever connected South Padre Island with sea turtle conservation and the Sea Turtle Art Trail truly reflects the area's ongoing love for these creatures which continue to struggle for survival as a species. 

Each of the sea turtles on the Art Trail is as unique as the artist who painted them and every one of them is a beautiful addition to the city as public works of art for all to enjoy.  The Sea Turtle Art Trail is free and maps are available upon request at the South Padre Island Visitors Center.
South Padre Island Art Trail Beach Park Turtle
Beach Park Turtle
Artist:  Beth Fedigan/Chelsea Fedigan

Location:  Isla Blanca Waterpark
South Padre Island Art Trail Coral
Artist:  Beth Fedigan

Location:  Sea Turtle Inc.
South Padre Island Art Trail Miracle
Artist:  Sandy Margret

Location: Art Business Incubator Ctr
South Padre Island Art Trail Luna
Artist:  Ariel King

Location:  SPI Convention Center