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Sand sculptures capture the imagination like few other artistic mediums are able to and can bring a sense of wonder to the final creations of master sculptors.  How do they do that? Using only sand, water, and simple tools, these amazing artists deftly coax magnificient masterpieces up out of the beach with patience and a set vision. 

Though temporary in nature, thousands of visitors attend the various sand sculpture competitions each year where they are touched by the beauty of these fragile statues which will inevitably be claimed by the weather.



Entitled "Out of Sight, Out of Mind," Todd Pangborn's extremely detailed sand sculpture at the 2019 Texas SandFest in Port Aransas, Texas is a wonderful reminder that sea turtle conservation is a year-round endeavor. 
Ila Loetscher's legacy as the beloved Turtle Lady lives on with this expertly crafted sand sculpture of her which Abe Waterman created in her honor at the 2019 Holiday Sandcastle Village in South Padre Island, Texas. 


Todd Pangborn, sculptor, beside his exquisite sand monument to attract attention to sea turtles (Photo courtesy of Todd Pangborn)


Sea Turtle Sand Sculpture by Todd Pangborn
Abe Waterman, sculptor, created a beautiful likeness of Ila Loetscher out of sand (Photo courtesy of Lucinda Wierenga)
Sand Sculpture of Ila Loetscher by Abe Waterman
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                              Sand Sculptures Draw Attention to Sea Turtles