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Keeping the Focus on Sea Turtles
Sea Turtle Art Trail Padre Island Texas at Beach Park

Sea Turtle Art Trail

A series of colorful and unique sea turtle sculptures have been appearing across South Padre Island

Ila Loetscher and Sea Turtle Sand Castle
Sand Sculptures

There are many ways to promote awareness about sea turtles and not least among them is sand sculpture.
Sea Turtle Pilot with Biplane
Turtles in Flight

Pilots helping sea turtles in their time of need could not be any more significant to Ila Loetscher's legacy
RIP Fred the Loggerhead Sea Turtle in South Padre Island
RIP: Fred the Loggerhead

Long-time resident at Sea Turtle Inc. in South Padre Island, Fred was a three-flippered Loggerhead turtle who died on June 23, 2021.
Sea Turtle Inc New Facility
Sea Turtle Inc.

After extensive fund-raising, Sea Turtle Inc. has built a new state-of-the art facility to continue Ila's original vision of rehabilitating sea turtles and educating the public