Ila Fox Loetscher
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Ila lived a full and active life from a very young age, with an independent streak that set her apart early. A natural leader, she enjoyed organizing her playmates into a neighborhood drama production just as much as serving as captain of her high school basketball team.

Moreover, her adventurous spirit manifested itself in many ways, from convincing her father to allow her to drive at the age of twelve to taking flying lessons right after graduating from college to embarking on a year-long road trip down the
Pan-American Highway to South America in her 50s.

"When I decide to do something, I do it."

                                                            ~ Ila Loetscher

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Ila Fox
Ila Fox with her twin sister Olive
Ila and her husband David Loetscher on their wedding day
Ila Fox with her high school basketball team
Ila Fox promotes flights to Estral Beach
Ila graduation portrait
Ila Fox wearing her pilot garb
Ila poses with a biplane


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