The Turtle Lady of South Padre Island
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A master at public relations, Ila took every opportunity to keep her turtles in the spotlight so as to continually remind one and all of their dangerous hold on survival. She knew that that their fate would have an impact on the greater interconnected balance of the planet; an impact which would, in the end, affect us all.
"It makes you wonder what harm we are doing to ourselves when a species just disappears."
                                                            ~ Ila Loetscher (1986)

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Ila drives the beaches of South Padre Island
Ila holds Yankee Doodle
Ila patrols the beaches looking for injured or sick sea turtles

Ila speaks with a sea turtle
Ila comforts turtles that were rescued during a cold front
Ila gives a Turtle Talk at her home
Ila dresses sea turtles in costumes in a brilliant public relations campaign to bring their precarious situation to the public's attention
Ila with her beloved sea turtle Yankee Doodle all dressed up for the Fourth of July
Ila Loetscher will forever be known as The Turtle Lady of South Padre Island


The Turtle Lady Legacy
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