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Turtle Lady Legacy
Ila Loetscher with niece Mary Ann Tous
                                 The History of The Turtle Lady Legacy

Mary Ann Tous had a special longstanding bond with her aunt Ila Loetscher going back to Mary Ann's earliest memories.  So, it was only natural when her retirement coincided with Ila's passing that she would ensure Ila's significant work should not be forgotten. 

In that spirit, she founded The Turtle Lady Legacy in 2005 on South Padre Island where she and her husband had moved into Ila's home. There she has devoted her golden years to preserving Ila's many achievements, continuing Ila's sea turtle educational and awareness campaign, and even walking in Ila's footsteps on sea turtle patrols, hatchling releases, and rescue missions as well as making the trip to Rancho Nuevo in Mexico. 

As such, Mary Ann has become Ila's living legacy by bringing the Turtle Lady's message into the 21st century like no one else can because she has been a first-hand witness to Ila's journey from grieving widow to sea turtle expert, and knows just how important it is to keep her memory alive.